Can you imagine starting your car in the morning and finding something small & hairy has decided to scamper up your leg as your engine jolts to life. Yikes!!

Last winter, we had several enquiries via social media about how to deal with rodents nesting in car engine bays.

Rodent management is a service we commonly perform throughout the cooler months of each year.  Here’s what we suggest you try if you find your car has become home to some unwelcome vermin:

Firstly, as much as you can, remove any food sources from the area (e.g. pet food, grain, bird seed, compost etc). Then, we have a few different scenarios for you to consider:

  • Set, Catch & Release
    Cages are available from hardware or rural produce stores. Bait the cages with some yummy rodent food e.g. peanut butter, bacon, fruit or macadamia nuts. Set the cage near & under the vehicle or if possible, in the engine compartment. Check each morning for any prisoners. You can take them for a nice drive and release them elsewhere.

  • Set, Trap & Dispose
    Rodent Traps can be purchased and baited as above, except there’s no driving involved. You can dispose of the deceased rodent in a rubbish bin or bury it.

  • Bait, Place, Feed & Dispose
    Tamper Proof Rodent Stations are also available as above as is rodent bait. Place as above. The rodents will feed and they will die but be careful not to let dogs or cats near the dead rodents as they can get secondary poisoning if they ingest any part of the rodent. Luckily, native birds rarely eat dead rodents.

  • Tamper Proof Stations – No secondary poisoning
    As above except you use baits that require repeated feeding over a period of time – usually a couple of weeks or more. There is no secondary poisoning of other animals from these baits.

  • Let us do it for you
    Call us at Active Pest Management on 6686 8607. We’ll come and assess the situation first hand and put together a management plan.