1. They spoil the appearance of your lawn.
  2. Put dirt all through your flip-flops and shoes.
  3. Are responsible for a large number of ankle and knee injuries each year.
  4. Cause cycling and skateboarding accidents alongside footpaths.
  5. Damage mowers and mower blades.
  6. De-stabilise your lawn making it uneven and prone to collapse.
  7. Track mud all through your home on feet and paws.
  8. Will aggressively defend their nest if attacked
  9. Unwitting young children play with the nests and get stung!
  10. They are difficult to prevent without professional treatment.

Funnel Ants are making an unsightly appearance on a property near you!

D.I.Y. attempts to rid your lawn of funnel ants are unlikely to have an impact, especially over time.  Treatment needs to be injected down every single funnel and must come into contact with the entire colony.

Named after the cone-shaped entrance of their nests, funnel ant colonies can severely affect the stability of your lawn, making it uneven and increasingly difficult to walk on.

Funnel ant entrances can go down 60cm or more

Funnel ant entrances can go down 60cm or more

“These small, brown ants can excavate up to 60cm (2 feet) down into the soil before they start moving laterally, making a complex maze of tunnels and nests, leaving your lawn unstable and prone to collapse” says Jim Burgess, co-owner and insect specialist at Active Pest Management.

“Off-the-shelf products aren’t powerful enough.  They require regular repeat treatments which can get very expensive and time consuming,” says Jim. “In this instance, you are much wiser to call on professional help.”

Active Pest Management’s Funnel Ant Treatment is thorough and effective within 24 hours.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes with a site visit to fully assess the severity and extent of the infestation.

Jim explains “Use of the professional-grade product we use to eliminate funnel ants has to be calculated carefully per square metre and according to the severity and spread of the infestation.  That is why it is difficult to quote a treatment over the phone.  We really need to visit each site to ensure coverage will accurately and completely eradicate the problem.”

“We inject every funnel and the ants themselves help us deliver the treatment.  As the ants interact with one another they transfer the chemical to each other.”

One treatment can last up to 5 years during which time your property won’t be re-contaminated by any neighbouring infestation.

Call us at Active Pest Management on 6686 8607 and don’t wait for funnel ants to cause costly, structural damage to your property.

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