Using amber brew to lure mozzies away from your warm blood may be a long bow to draw at your next BBQ but there’s a heat wave heading in our direction and mozzies are likely to come with it.

This article suggests beer – who knew? – fresh mint & tea-tree oil can all be employed to help keep the bloodsuckers at bay. But seriously, you don’t want to take mosquito bites lightly at all. Ross River Virus outbreaks were far higher than usual last summer, as explained in this Northern Star Article from March this year.

Best protect yourselves and your pets by thinking ahead when you’re enjoying the outdoors this coming summer. Cover up with light-coloured clothing, use high quality DEET or Picaridin repellents for the best protection and don’t leave pots or buckets around your home holding stagnant old water for mozzies to breed in.

If your property is particularly vulnerable to mosquitoes, we can control outbreaks using our portable misting device. It’s very effective but must be applied on a warm, still day and repeated every 6 – 8 weeks.

If our initial spray takes place in November, you may need 3 to 4 treatments throughout the summer season to maintain the prevention program.

Read more on our Mosquito page.  Call 6686 8607 to arrange assessment of your property for mosquito treatment.

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