Nobody likes getting bitten by mosquitoes. Their buzzing around your ears and the irritating itch can make bedtime or a summer BBQ truly uncomfortable. Some people are prone to the bite site becoming infected and mosquitoes can harbour diseases like Ross River Fever and Barmah’s Forest Virus, both of which can debilitate you for months.

Luckily, there are new innovations in mosquito control proving very effective for both indoor and outdoor situations.  Take a look at our new Mosquito Traps for use at your home, featuring next generation, lure-catch technology.


No more buzzing at bedtime! New generation lure-catch technology attracts mosquitoes to the warm, blue light inside your home, drawing them into a central catcher where they are sucked downward by an internal fan system for elimination.

The Indoor Mosquito Trap system simulates body temperature and the humidity of human breath. There are NO loud electrical zapping sounds, only a quiet fan and NO secondary chemical pollution. The device operates with low energy usage and high efficiency action. The stable light source has a long life and plugs into power with one-touch button operation.

Featuring two-dimensional, aesthetically-pleasing design with a durable, integrated body. There is a detachable shading plate to shelter off strong external light. The stylish and modern Indoor Mosquito Trap is suitable for the living room, bedrooms, study or anywhere indoors.

Mosquito INDOOR Trap Specifications panel


Mosquito Trap Outdoor Roman-court Style (Optional Stand available)

Introducing a new, long-term solution for effective control of mosquito and lawn grub moth populations in garden and outdoor entertainment areas.

The Outdoor Mosquito & Lawn Grub Trap requires no chemicals or consumable accessories for its operation. It features an aesthetically pleasing roman-court style design and a stand that secures by easily pushing down into soft ground. Simply plug it in and the luring begins.


Pests are attracted to the twin UV bulb emission of warm, blue light, then drawn down into a sealed trap with a rotating fan for elimination.

This simple system is easy to care for and maintain.  There is NO secondary chemical pollution, NO loud zapping sounds and NO chemical odour.

Outdoor Trap Specifications & all weather electrical cord protectionENERGY & SAFETY

The Outdoor Mosquito & Lawn Grub Trap is highly-efficient in terms of energy usage.  It plugs into a normal power outlet and has an IPX4* safety rating ensuring weather protection from splash and water spray.  All weather extension cord click-case protection is also available (sold separately).


In typically vulnerable garden and outdoor entertainment areas where mosquito populations are naturally high, as in properties near or adjacent to water bodies like ponds, creeks, lakes or dams, maximum control is best achieved when paired with a Mosquito Misting Spray Program of surrounding foliage to halt breeding cycles.

We can assess your property for suitability and devise a spray treatment program that will maximise disruption to mosquito and lawn grub moth breeding cycles.

This dual approach, combining a targeted spray program with use of your Outdoor Mosquito & Lawn Grub Trap, will guarantee you the best buzz, grub ’n’ bite-free season possible.  You’ll enjoy the best of outdoor living and dining all summer long.


It is almost impossible to have no mosquitoes. After all, mosquitoes are flying insects. However, if your property is vulnerable to large numbers of mosquitoes, we can ‘control’ breeding and minimise numbers using professional, high-grade repellent and a portable misting device (in suitable environments).

Our treatment envelopes plant foliage but doesn’t damage the plant. We use water-based chemicals. There are no solvents involved and there is no over-spray.

In the heat of the day, when mosquitoes take refuge on the underside of leaves, they encounter the chemical and ingest it.

Foliage misting treatment proves very effective. It must be applied on dry, calm days and requires re-treatment around every 6 to 8 weeks. If our initial spray takes place in November, you may need 3 to 4 treatments throughout the summer season to maintain the prevention program.

In order for us to assess your property for mosquito treatment, give us a call to arrange a no obligation visit and estimate.


Mosquitoes can share blood-borne diseases with us like Ross River Fever and Barmah Forest Virus, even Dengue Fever in more tropical regions – all debilitating illnesses that can significantly impact your life for weeks to months.

The only way to limit your chance of infection with such viruses is to prevent being bitten in the first place – which can be easier said than done

To minimise mosquito action affecting your family, friends and pets, take note of the following general recommendations:

  • Wear light clothing and covered footwear when you’re outside, particularly at dawn and dusk when mosquito activity is most likely.
  • Use high quality personal repellents on all exposed skin and re-apply as per product instructions.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are screened and in good repair.
  • Use mosquito coils outdoors and vaporising mats indoors.
  • If doors, windows, vents and chimneys aren’t screened, sleep under mosquito netting at night.
  • Ensure you’re not harbouring mosquito larvae in containers holding stagnant water like buckets, pot plant bases, toddler pools and roof guttering.
  • Check septic and water tanks are covered and screened securely.
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