With years of experience inspecting and protecting properties, we are well-versed in identifying environments conducive to attracting termite activity, with sub-floors often being moist, dark spaces at typically higher risk of infestation.

By installing passive, high volume vents, low voltage fans, high flow in-line fan systems or a combination of these products, we can improve your existing sub-floor ventilation to provide maximum airflow through such areas.

Reasons to improve sub-floor ventilation include:

  • Nasty odours.
  • Warped or expanded timber floors.
  • Timber decay to structural timbers.
  • Rising damp due to poor drainage.
  • Cracking of walls, render or internal linings.
  • Reducing the risk of a future termite infestation.
  • Reducing soil moisture levels to enable chemical treatment of termite infestations.
  • Health problems ranging from minor allergies to serious respiratory infections.
  • Mould growth in sub-floor or on internal walls/ceilings as well as carpets & stored goods.


Professional installation of ducted, in-line ventilation fans & passive high volume vents, we can maximise airflow with minimal running costs. We are qualified to carry out any sub-floor ventilation installation process on your property.  These ventilation systems are designed specifically to suit your property conditions according to construction type and budget.

On completion of an on-site assessment we provide an obligation free quote with our recommendations for your particular property.

All powered ventilation systems installed by us include 5 years warranty.

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