Rodents – rats and mice – have some amazing abilities.  They have got this survival thing down. We’re not talking about your mega film star Mickey or Stuart, or your pet store cute as a button white as snow mouse.  We’re referring to your garbage bin scurrying, sewer thriving, nest in your ceiling rodents.


They can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, are excellent swimmers and can scale almost any vertical surface with ease.


They’re usually characterised by their two large, ever-growing, top and bottom incisors that need to chew constantly to prevent becoming too long. They grind their oversized teeth on furniture and walls as well as electrical cables and plumbing pipes in your roof space.


They are extremely unhygienic and contaminate your home easily with urine, faeces and hair.  Typical signs are gnaw marks, droppings, half-eaten food, a dreaded odour and urine stains.

Rodents can also transmit serious diseases like salmonella, dysentery, leptospirosis and gastroenteritis. We know you don’t want rodents anywhere near your children or pets.


Rodents are prolific breeders.  A female rat can breed from 2 months of age and in favourable conditions have a litter every 3 weeks of up to a dozen rat pups each time. That’s 15000 descendents in 12 months. Eeek!

For professional rodent control, call our friendly staff on 6686 8607 to make your booking as soon as convenient.  The earlier in the season you take action the better.

Meanwhile, to help deter rodents from your home, here’s some tips we recommend:

  • Close all external doors at night.
  • Check window and screen seals.
  • Prune branches or foliage that may act as a bridge to your roof.
  • Seal access points with sheet metal or concrete mortar.
  • Block entry via cable or drains with steel wool pads and caulking silicon.
  • Clear any garage or storage clutter.
  • Always take the kitchen rubbish out.
  • Clean up kitchen and pantry spills.
  • Keep food containers and your compost bin closed tight.
  • For the crawl space in your roof where plumbing, electrical cables and insulation are present, we recommend professional eradication by a licensed pest controller.

Watch this amazing 3 minute National Geographic documentary clip about rodents: See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet’. (Source: youtube)

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