In order to be a successful pest control company in a highly competitive industry, we must consider today’s informed customer regarding the use of chemicals in their home.  That is, in terms of family health, safety for children, the elderly and for their pets – even their garden and plants.

We are a pest control company and it naturally follows that we use chemicals, but decades of advanced biological research have resulted in chemicals that specifically affect the ‘biology’ of the target pest, leaving other creatures unharmed. Therefore, we can be confident that our practices are reliably safe and environmentally ‘smart’.

As responsible operators, we also dispose of all suitable plastic containers and cardboard in recycle bins.  We participate in a ‘drum muster’, which involves taking used chemical drum containers to a station in Lismore where they are specifically treated according to Australian Standards for the disposal of chemical waste.


Because of the superior quality of products we use, there is no need to blanket a home with chemical liquid.  Each pest is identified and treated with the relevant product. Through the grooming process, pests pass the product on from one to the next, until the whole colony is eliminated – a slower, safer process.

Inside the home, our chemicals are prepared at minimal concentrations for efficacy and applied for the encounter of ‘target pests’ only.  Some of the chemicals used are bio-activated within a pest’s digestive system or via ion channels on uptake.

We pride ourselves on careful and experienced placement of gel baits and sprays without having to drown your home and surrounds in chemicals.


For outdoor applications, we often use a pyrethroid-based chemical which is derived from pyrethrum plants e.g. Chrysanthemums.  Again, the mode of action is ingestion or contact within target insects.  Though dilutions are designed to cause action on insects only, pyrethroids even in higher concentrations are rated as poorly absorbed on human skin and have low toxicity even on rats when inhaled.


We are accredited installers of the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System in the Northern Rivers.

Although this product is readily available in the pest industry, we have met Exterra’s stringent criteria to enable us to provide a warranty on installation of the Exterra System to our customers.

Exterra is a safe, environmentally friendly way to eliminate termites. Exterra uses termites’ natural instincts against them. Requiem™ termite bait is irresistible to termites and is used in a closed and locked station set 3 metres apart around the property it is protecting.

Less than ¼ if a gram of the active ingredient is used – this is less toxic than table salt. Termites are lured to the natural eucalypt timber interceptors; taking the bait back to their colony, which then succumbs to the bait. Customers are now choosing to use this environmentally safe product including commercial properties.

Ensystex are partners with Australian Wildlife Conservancy.  Ensystex have donated more than $500,000 from the installations installed in Australia to support this threatened wildlife cause. For every Exterra System we install, Active Pest Management donates $15 and Ensystex donates another $15.

92,000 hectares of land in areas of Cape York and Northern WA are consequently protected, purely for wildlife.  Check out the Australian Wildlife Conservancy story on our video page.

Termatrac T3i Termite Detection
Termatrac T3i Termite Detection


  • Thermal Imaging Camera for non-invasive detection of termite presence and activity
  • TERMATRAC T3i incorporates a remote thermal sensor with laser guide to detect potential termite risk areas via heat differentials; a Moisture Sensor to identify levels conducive to termite risk and a detection radar to accurately detect and confirm the presence of termites.
  • TRAMEX Moisture Meter for gauging moisture levels conducive to termite invasion.
  • Digital Cameras for taking photos to accompany reports and inspection documents.
  • Extension arms to spot treat spiders and access other hard to reach areas.
  • Portable Misting Device for mosquito treatment & hard to reach locations.
Termatrac T3i Termite Detection