We have been going since 2010 as Active Pest Management, but we both worked in pest control for other operators prior to that for several years.
Yes! We are both Ballina residents and have been for years. We have long-term relationships with hundreds of locals and an extensive database of loyal customers.
Absolutely. We are licenced, insured, fully qualified pest control professionals. We have strong links with the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) as well as the Master Builders Association of New South Wales and the Ballina Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


When we refer to General Pest Control or a General Pest Control Treatment, we mean treatment of cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and minor ant problems.

Other pests like funnel ants, rodents and mosquitoes for example require specific methods or treatment plans for eradication. The plan can depend on the species involved, environmental conditions and the extent of the problem. Therefore, it is best we discuss such problems with you during our visit or we’re happy to come and provide a no obligation, free quote.

A General Pest Control Treatment takes between 40 and 60 minutes, depending on the size of the building and whether we have 1 or 2 technicians on site.
No, those days are gone. We are experienced with placement of treatments in your home with the health and safety of your family and pets being our highest priority. The only advice we give is that reptile or fish tanks and ponds should be well covered as a precaution.
We will not place rodent baits in areas accessible to pets or children. They will either be in the roof space or a lockable station.
You can see results within an hour. Cockroaches and ants are grooming insects – of themselves and each other. So they continually share contact with the chemical and it will continue working. Spiders however do not groom one another, so the chemical will not work residually if new spiders come in.
This depends on the insect type and the severity of infestation along with surrounding environments and weather conditions. Lots of factors come into play. Some chemical processes need 4 to 6 weeks to act on eggs as they’re hatching for full elimination. For fleas, eggs can be hatching with movement for up to 18 months. Bed begs too can remain dormant for up to 12 months. The trick is to act as soon as you notice a problem to prevent any pest infestation worsening.
That’s not a problem. It’s one of the reasons we are known as ‘the local guys you can trust’! We can, and often do, pick up keys for access to properties when the owners aren’t able to be there. If you cannot be present to greet us upon entry, we can happily follow your instructions and carry out services accordingly. We leave notification of the time we attended and ensure your property is secured, as it was when we arrived.
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