The Active ‘Gold’ Pest Management Plan is an all-inclusive, 12 month pest control package requiring only one phone call. For a single fee, you get three (3) visits. We guarantee prevention of the most common household invaders, assuring your family and pets enjoy a healthy, pest-free environment for an entire year.


How much money do you spend on household pest control in a year? Off-the-shelf products can be expensive. They give short term results and potentially expose family members to harmful chemicals.

The Active GOLD Pest Management Plan makes sense both for your hip pocket and the wellbeing of your family.

For a one-off fee, you have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are breathing easy, not being bothered by sickness, allergy or irritation due to disease-carrying bugs or stinging insects.

This initiative is designed to make year-long, naturally safe pest control more convenient and economical for your household.


  • Protection from pests featured below for 12 months*.
  • 3 scheduled service calls at 4 monthly intervals.
  • One Annual Termite Inspection including written report.
  • Additional service calls at no extra charge.
  • Advice for maintaining your pest free home.

*Based on an average 3 bedroom home. Customers may seek control of pests additional to those listed at extra cost. Ask your Active Pest Manager.

When we visit your property, your pest control professional will always be someone you recognise, wearing an Active Pest uniform driving an Active Pest service vehicle. We visit your home at a time that suits you and all service calls are pre-arranged by phone. We keep track of the calendar and remind you when your next visit is due.

The Active GOLD Pest Management Plan includes prevention of the following:

  • WHITE-FOOTED HOUSE, BLACK HOUSE & ODOROUS ANTS cause damage with nest building and cavity expansion; different species are attracted to sugar or water and are difficult to eradicate once established.
  • ORIENTAL, GERMAN, BROWN-BANDED, AMERICAN, SMOKEY BROWN & AUSTRALIAN COCKROACHES carry gastroenteritis, salmonella & streptococcus. They are also associated with asthma and allergies.
  • PAPER WASPS build nests in sheltered areas like under eaves and in open pipes etc. They are very territorial and have a painful sting that can lead to anaphylactic reactions in some people.
  • SILVERFISH consume & destroy household property like books, paper, photos, carpet, clothing, hair, cotton, linen, silk & synthetic fibres & even skin cells. They can also contaminate food.
  • HOUSE MOUSE – House mice can transmit diseases contaminating food and packaging. They are good jumpers, climbers and swimmers and can multiply rapidly in warm, hidden places where they nest.
  • BLACK HOUSE, REDBACKS & DADDY LONGLEG SPIDERS often live in houses making webs in cornices and low, under furniture and in corners; each can bite with red backs being the most dangerous.
  • ROOF RATS nest in ceilings, walls and in between floors. They cause extensive damage gnawing wood frames and electrical wires and contaminate stored food and covered surfaces with urine and faecal matter.

Plus an ANNUAL VISUAL TERMITE INSPECTION of readily accessible areas on the first visit. A written report is provided. Termite Treatments are not included.

Active Gold Pest Management Plan
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